Five reasons why you need Social Circles in your life! 

Don’t worry, this isn’t just a sales pitch (it is) but it’s also a slightly humorous look (humour is a strong word) at why you could need a social media professional in your life. So, whilst you’re reading this on social media, sit back and soak up this slice of fried social gold.


Yep. Well my dad isn’t but he’s still mastering the text message, so I don’t think he’ll be geotagging a location on Snapchat any time soon. Back to the point. Everyone is on social media. Maybe you’re running a new business and you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve got some existing pages and you want some fresh ideas on how to engage people? Well as we’ve said (three times now), everyone is on social media (not my dad) and we can help you connect with your current followers as well as help you build new ones.


We’ve been social media-ing since day 1. I (Jhon) started in the My Space days, running pages for my band and small businesses - I told my dad that being in a band would be useful (he disagreed) but what does he know, he can’t even send a text. Since then I have ran all the social media channels for one of the UK’s best indie businesses - Awesome Merchandise in Leeds. All pages were built up from scratch and I soaked up years of engagement skills from working for this ace company. I’m more than confident that I can come up with a great social media plan for your business and work towards your internet goals.


Yep, Miss Anne Thropic is no relative of mine. We love meeting new people and it’s my goal to help people run their social media effectively and in a positive promotional fashion. Everyone can benefit from having a social presence in 2017. We offer a free consultation and can’t wait to meet you over a cup of tea (can’t do coffee or I’ll be there all day talking) and help you figure out what you need from social. Let’s do this!


We’re so ruddy generous that we’re gonna give away a top social media tip. Post more pics of dogs. There you go. No need to thank us.


Unlike other social media management businesses, we don’t have set plans or costs. We offer you a custom price based on your social needs. We feel this is the best way to offer you a truly bespoke service. We can do everything from setting up and managing your channels to creating custom campaigns and plans for your band or brand. It’s all about YOU (even though this blog has been all about us - sorry!)

As a caveat to this self-promoting post, we’d like to let you know that one lucky person who tells us how many times we mentioned the word ‘social’ in this post will win a fabulous imaginary prize.

Thanks for reading and we very much look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

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